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Launch of a new BOBST MasterFlex-HD6 equipment
Installation of a 5-layer corrugator 2.5 m wide.


Installing a 5-layer corrugator 2.5 m wide will allow the company to produce up to 15 million square meters of durable 5-layer corrugated board every month.
Implementation of fully automated internal logistics.


Launch of a new machine for small runs production.
Introduction of “Impact” - the advanced industrial software for packaging designers. Adoption of a new GPS-monitoring system for the company transport.


Installation of a new machine.
Introduction of advanced software Qlik.


Replacement of corrugated press. Changing the production sheet takes only 10 minutes now.


Launch of a new modern warehouse for finished goods with the total capacity of 6000 pallets.


Increasing of production capacity. New equipment — FlexoVision, Bobst (Switzerland) is installed. It provides an opportunity of die-cutting and printing up to 5 colors during one production cycle. Installation of ExpertFold, Bobst (Switzerland) with possibility of gluing the die-cutted products up to 6 points. This is the first line for multipoint gluing installed in Russia.


Remos-Alfa LLC is one of the three market leaders in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.


Global modernization of production plant is carried out. Total production capacity exceeds 1000 boxes per minute.


Launch of the new plant.


Start of a new plant construction in the Kirov district of the Leningrad region.


Launching the production of custom packaging design by the CURIONI cutting method on a mounted line. Total production volume of corrugated board packaging is 28 million sq.m. per year.


Purchase of a technology park and professional equipment made by Italian manufacturer CURIONI.
Total production volume of corrugated board packaging — 19 million sq.m. per year.


Purchase of a domestic production facility.


Foundation of the company. The main activity is sale of standardized boxes made from corrugated board.

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