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Quality control

Remos-Alfa is provided with a testing laboratory which performs multistage quality control of corrugated cardboard and corrugated packaging at all stages of production.

The testing laboratory is equipped with modern equipment: Buchel b.v. (Netherlands), ITS (Russia), Testometric (Great Britain). The equipment meets to the requirements of first-class quality and relevant international standards, such as ISO, TAPPI, PAPTAS.

Laboratory equipment for the quality control of corrugated board is verified and certified, which guarantees the accuracy of tests results.

All laboratory tests are carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation for incoming raw materials and finished products from corrugated cardboard.

Description of some tests that are carried out in the Remos-Alfa laboratory:

  • BCT (Box Crush Test) or TBC (Top to Bottom Compression). Measurement of this parameter allows us to guarantee that the product box will withstand stacking and will be delivered in apparent good order and condition.
  • ECT (Edgewise Crush Test) — this test allows to choose the right composition in accordance with the required resistance of the box. The indicator characterizes compressive strength of the box walls.
  • BST (Bursting Strength Test) — this test allows to produce fracture-resistant (MPa) and puncture-resistant corrugated cardboard. The test demonstrates total burst strength of corrugated cardboard.
  • FCT (Flat Crush Test) — this test helps us to produce flutes of corrugated cardboard identical to the original ones.