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Advanced Printing – Best Quality!

We are the first company in Russia to use flexographic printing method of full color images on the corrugated cardboard. We produce Flexo post-print material in the same quality as pre-print and offset print but with a lower cost price, which is more profitable for our customers.

We offer well-tried European production technologies and create a unique packaging that will make your product stand out on store shelves.

Flexo printing benefits:

  • high resolution images
  • cheaper than offset printing for 20%
  • flexo HD printed packaging attracts customers attention
  • flexo HD printed packaging is shared on social networks 74% more often


MasterLine 2.1, BOBST (Switzerland)

  • printing and die-cutting for 1 cycle time
  • printing up to 6 colors (CMYK + 2 pantones or 1 pantone and varnish)
  • metallic inks printing
  • fluorescent printing
  • tactile varnish apply
  • quality control system IQ-300
  • intelligent process plate calibration system
  • register of color deviation
  • protection of packaging against counterfeit
  • maximum print size: 1270х2100 mm

FlexoVision, BOBST (Switzerland)

  • one production cycle
  • efficient production
  • high accuracy of die-cutting and printing matching
  • complete waste-stripping
  • printing up to 5 colors (CMYK + pantone or varnish)
  • maximum die-cutting size is 1100*1600 mm