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We have implemented innovative software solutions, allowing to increase our production efficiency by 27 % and raise daily production capacity by 14 %. Our new software solutions make the interaction between managers and production fast and transparent.

PC TOPP is the most advanced software in the production control and scheduling. The use of PC TOPP enabled us to reduce stock in the intermediate storage and optimize the manufacturing flow for the corrugator. The response time for urgent orders was reduced up to 47 seconds!

Each employee is informed about the production progress and machine workload 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Bitrix24 is a popular Russian cloud-based company management system (from personnel management to finance management). Implementation of Bitrix24 improved the efficiency of our managers who work with clients, while raising the level of corporate culture and employee involvement in company life.

Project management became more efficient and transparent: all managers, including company director and senior managers, monitor the progress of each order, proposals and ideas on the project. In case of force majeure changes in the project, the project team (including managers), receiving the necessary information, promptly responds to these changes.

Impact — advanced industrial software for packaging designers. It provides a super-fast analysis of incoming orders and minimizes error probability during processing of typical drawings. This software allows creating presentations of all possible designs in a visual 3D-animation format. Such programs are installed by the world leaders of the industry: Mondi, International Paper, PCA, etc.
Qlik — is one of leading analytical processing systems. The system “lets through” a vast amount of data files on storage and quality division operations, as well as sales. High-quality visualizations created by Qlik help to make the right managerial decisions and save time on numeric data processing.

Each employee is informed about the production progress and machine workload 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These automation systems allow us to decrease the production costs, reduce error probability rate and make our collaboration with clients more efficient.