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Due to the serious storage facilities (a new warm A-class warehouse with 6000 pallet spaces) and well-established logistics (our own vehicle fleet, the process automation software), we undertake the customer’s task of any complexity level:

  • Gazel [3000x1830x1500]*
  • GAZon [4000x2100x2200]
  • Iveco [7600x2400x1800]
  • MAN 60 [13600x2450x2700]
  • Eighteen-wheeler [13600x2400x2600]

* — dimensions: length-width-height, mm

The finished products warehouse works on a 24-hour basis, it’s equipped with uptodate loaders and the advanced system of in-plant logistics. All the processes are automated, any action is recorded via the portable data collection terminal (POCT), then all the information comes to the know-how of Remos-Alfa – our own developments, extensions of 1C for logistics and inter-city monitoring. All numeric data is recorded in the analytical system Qlik. That’s necessary in order to improve efficiency of certain employees as well as processes down the line.